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Singularity University Impact Competition FAQs

What’s Singularity University?


See www.singularityu.org


How can I apply?


Visit this link: http://impactexponential.com/index.php/apply-here


Who can apply?


See the eligibility requirements here page:  http://impactexponential.com/index.php/impact-nigeria-10-7  


Applicants must be above 18 and must be citizens of Nigeria.


When is the deadline?

Jan 31st, 2013.


Must I be a student to apply?


You can apply irrespective of your age or level of academic study. We will however highly recommend that applicants must have at least university education. People in the academia, private or public enterprises are eligible.


Is there a minimum age to apply?


Yes, applicants must be at least 18 years old. There is no maximum age.


What is the benefit of applying?


You win a $25,000 scholarship to attend a paid summer graduate study programme at Singularity University. You will also have access to the African Alumni. To learn more about Singularity University and benefits, please read this: http://impactexponential.com/index.php/impact-nigeria-10-7


What’s the duration of the programme?

3 months.


What happens in California?


See this article by a Singularity University Alumni about her experience: 



Where can I learn more about what Singularity University is all about?


See these links:

Forbes: Big Brains Introduced to Big Problems at Singularity University

Guardian: Singularity University: Meet the People Who are Building our Future

CNET: At Singularity University: Big Brains Meet the Future

WIRED: Robot Professors comes with Singularity University’s  Upgrade

NEW YORK TIMES: Merely Human? That’s So Yesterday

TECHCRUNCH:  Maybe There is Hope for Silicon Valley(and the World) After All

TECHCRUNCH:  Keen On… The Future of the University Might be Well be Singularity

SINGULARITY UNIVERSITY’s PROGRAMMES: Final Call for Application, Executive Programme


My question has not been answered here. Who can I talk to?


Please fill out the contact form here, we will get back to you ASAP.